Sterke y-tuigen comfortabel voor de hond

The best Y-Harnesses

Looking for the best y-harness for your dog? Then you've come to the right place. EDG is the inventor of the Y-harness and is the market leader when it comes to improving ergonomics, durability, design, traction and reflectivity, quality, price and effectiveness.

A Y-model dog harness gives your dog a lot of freedom of movement. It also ensures optimal pressure distribution. But more importantly, a well-fitting dog harness gives your dog peace and comfort. As a result, your dog will not or hardly pull. This is in contrast to standard harnesses that usually cause irritation, discomfort and pain.

This specially padded (not cheap fleece) nylon y harness offers you and your dog safety and comfort. Unlike many harnesses, the EDG y harness is designed to protect sensitive areas, such as your dog's chest, throat and armpits, during any level of training. No chest d-ring design! Another innovation from EDG. Due to the dynamic position of the leash connection, the pressure is always directed directly at the dog's chest and never at his throat. This simple yet effective ergonomic design also allows your dog to maintain a full range of motion without worrying about underarm irritation or skin chafing.

Be well informed before you buy a y dog harness. In the past few years, the name "Y-Harness" has been increasingly misused by brands that offer breast collars, Anti-Pull harnesses and elastic adjustable harnesses as y-harnesses. The EDG harnesses are the original Y harnesses, connoisseurs know the quality of this brand. Throwing money away and irritations because of a mad pulling dog is unnecessary. With us you are in the right place right away.

  • Handmade and custom made in the Netherlands
  • Ergonomic design allows for full range of motion
  • Dual-purpose leash connection descends back along the spine to prevent pressure on your dog's throat
  • Adjustable chest piece at the front for an even more personalized fit
  • NO Escape design ensures that your dog cannot escape from the harness

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