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Strong Dog Collars

Our extensive collection of dog collars is not only beautiful, but also durable. They are made in the Netherlands and made of the best quality and most durable materials. By using special sewing thread that is strong and UV and heat resistant, these collars are "heavy duty". Your furry friend's safety is our number one concern. That is why our collar has the D-ring on the side, so that your dog does not suffer from neck injuries. It also gives you much better control over your dog; that's something every responsible dog owner wants. Made for strong sporting and working dogs, but also your sweet house dog will do you a favor with a comfortable, safe and fashionable collar.

Sterke nylon honden lijnen Eurobullysupply

Beautiful Nylon Leashes

A strong leash is just as important as a good collar. You have to look at which quality line you choose. Eurobullysupply offers a wide variety of extremely strong, indestructible dog leashes, including the "multileash". This is our best-selling dog line. Just a little more options than a police line. But also rope lines, long and short soft nylon lines. Rugged private label heavy duty nylon lines made to withstand UV, oil and water exposure. For working dogs, giant breed dogs, pit bulls, sport dogs, k9 powerful breed dogs. Made with a wide variety of top quality hardware. You choose the closure and length of the leash yourself.

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