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Dogs and Supplements

Many dog owners are concerned about the health and development of their four-legged friend, while others want to increase the performance of their sport or working dog. Whatever it is, here at Euro Bully Supply we have everything to answer your questions. All products we offer here are suitable for every working dog and all sporting dog breeds. If you have an active dog, these nutritional supplements support your dog during and after the toughest training sessions and workouts.

bijt rollen en solo tugger Eurobullysupply

Game and Training

Bite rolls, pillows and the Solo Tugger. Bite trolls are made to be used as a reward during training. They can be thrown away, returned and a tug game is part of that. Eurobullysupply has the well-known Solo Tugger in its range. This tug of war game, also known as tug of war, is a hit among active dogs. The biting roll is not suitable for gnawing on for a while, a bone is suitable for that. A Kong can also be used for this.

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