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Home Nutrition

Being dog owners ourselves, we can tell you from our personal experience that the food we give to our dogs don’t contain all the nutrients that are required for their proper growth and development.

Moreover, when we process or store dog food, it further loses its important nutrients. So the food that our beloved dog gets only contains a very low level of nutrient. They don’t provide all the vitamins and minerals that are required for proper health of our dogs. This causes lack of energy and weak immunity in your dog.

Now it's very logical that when this food does not provide enough nutrient for a regular dog. How come is it sufficient for working dogs?

Pitbull and other working dogs who exercise every day needs optimum nutrition to meet their hectic routine. Home-cooked food or ordinary dog food isn’t sufficient for their muscle development or bone nourishment. They must get vitamins and mineral supplement on a daily basis.  

On that note, one thing you should be aware of while buying vitamins and mineral supplements for your dog is that you should never buy supplements that contains trans fat, sucrose, corn syrup or other artificial flavors and chemical preservatives. Such supplements are equivalent to junk food and don’t provide complete nutrition for your dog.

You should look for such a supplement contains enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids. It must provide all the necessary nutrients that are not available in home-cooked or processed dog food. It is even better if the supplement is approved by a vet.

Being a dog owner, it is your responsibility to provide your dog a well-balanced diet including food and supplements so he can remain healthy. When he will get complete nutrition, not only he will look good but also gain better stamina. He will be able to recover even from the most rough workouts.

By getting optimum nutrition, your working dog will become more energetic and you will see a great improvement in his power and speed. His immune system will strengthen, his bones will become stronger and his muscles will build. His appetite and vision will also improve.

We hope your working dog gets complete nutrition so he can be happy, healthy and strong!